Monday, October 28, 2013

A Nightly Occurance

When I went to college, I took with me a lovely feather comforter which my freshman year boyfriend eventually renamed the b.f.f.f.c. (big fluffy feather flannel comforter) due to my attachment to it. I would gleefully return to my dorm room after classes and curl up inside of it.  I loved that comforter and it's flannel duvet cover.

When Todd and I got married, I knew he was allergic to everything in the universe and as a mark of how much I loved him, I agreed to no longer use my b.f.f.f.c.!  (Seriously, people, if that's not love, I don't know what is!)

After a few years of marriage, Todd discovered that there was such a thing as hypo-allergenic feather comforters, and as a mark of how much he loved me, agreed to give it a go.  And that's what we've enjoyed using ever since!

The last year, though, it's become evident that it might be time for a new comforter.  Each night Todd has to shake the blanket so the feathers are evenly distributed and then each morning we wake up to this:

No, that's not someone sleeping in the bed. That's how the feathers are when we wake up in the morning. Now that the cold weather has set in, Todd and I sleep back to back in the middle of the bed  for warmth.  And when we wake up, all the feathers have fled to one side or the other, but none on top of us.

Well, at least I know what my November expense sheet will lead with...

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