Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sickness and texting

We spent last week in NYC and NJ having a wonderful time. We were supposed to leave Saturday morning, but weren't sure if we'd be able to since we woke up to the sounds of Lilyanna throwing up in her crib at the hotel, right around the same time we got a text from Todd's Mom saying that Nathaniel (who was sleeping at her house) had also started throwing up. Todd and Benjamin followed later that morning, but we decided to head out anyway, since I was still feeling fine and I do almost all the driving anyway. I knew I was going to get it, too, but wanted to get us as close to home as I could first.

So, we loaded up our van, took a bowl and several gallon sized ziploc bags from my in-laws and after Lilyanna puked all over me and the living room carpet and I changed into my father in law's t-shirt and mother in law's fleece, we headed out.  A nine hour long road trip may not sound like the most fun with people throwing up and needing to run to the bathroom, BUT they all slept most of the way! And then when we got home, everyone put themselves to bed and slept the rest of the night!  So, yes, we had to stop and empty a bowl here and there, but the car was blissfully quiet and I was able to listen to a book and we totally saved money on food since nobody except for Caleb and eventually Nathaniel was actually hungry!

Of course, I came down with it Monday afternoon, but I look at it as an easy way to undo the holiday pounds from Thanksgiving indulgences. ;)

And when Mom is sick, how does one entertain the toddler (who was still so wrung out from the weekend sickness SHE PUT HERSELF DOWN FOR A NAP!!!)) ?  One plays this song over and over and over and over again. It makes her happy and she has it memorized and now the rest of us are walking around singing it, too.


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Mom24 said...

You are the only one I know who could find the bright side in this situation. :) One of the reasons I'm so blessed to have you as a friend.

Glad everyone's feeling better.