Sunday, November 6, 2011

Washington D.C. Legos

Caleb had a unit in school where he learned all about many of our national monument.  He got really into it and would come home each night excited to tell us new and interesting facts about whatever they'd discussed that day.  
 One night while I was making dinner, Caleb came up from the basement to show me this wonderful creation.  From memory, he did the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial and the National Mall.

He insisted I take a picture so he could send it in to the Lego magazine.  Each month they highlight kids who create something new and different out of the gazillions of Lego sets they already have.  He's very excited by the very idea of being in correspondence with the good people at Lego.
I am very proud of Caleb who is forever embracing all of his creative interests.

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