Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween in High Fashion

If I needed any hint that Lilyanna is very much her own person and not a little copy of me (despite all baby pictures to the contrary), last night was the perfect event to highlight a few of those differences.  Lilyanna cares VERY MUCH about shoes.  This has been the case since she was old enough to wear them.  Now, I understand a love of shoes.  I wear a size 10.5 which is a nearly impossible size to find and thus makes it so I don't have a closet rivaling Imelda Marcos.  Lilyanna may eventually inherit this unfortunate shoe size, but in the meantime, she will happily change shoes 6 times a day according to her mood.  By the time she was 14 months old, Todd was irked that she was taking up more room on the shoe rack than he was.

It was her love for shoes which inspired her costume this year.  That and a sale on sparkly shoes at Target.  $10 sparkly shoes?  Yes, please.

Lilyanna understood how to trick or treat in a way that none of my boys understood this early in their development.  I figured we would go down our street and then come back and join Todd in passing out candy to everyone else.  Not so.  Lilyanna literally pulled me around the block AND insisted on going up every single driveway to EVERY house regardless of whether it was inhabited or not.  We were out almost as long as her brothers.  She also kept her candy basket in her hot little had the whole time.  It probably weighed half as much as she did, but she refused to let go of it, or go home because it was getting too heavy.

It was a little chilly on Halloween and Lilyanna's costume had short sleeves, so I brought her red hoodie along.  We had the following conversation several times:

Me:  Lilyanna, are you cold?
Her: Yeah.
Me: Do you want to wear your jacket?
Her: NOOOOO!!!  Pretty dress!!

While she doesn't have words for this yet, she didn't want to ruin the lines of her outfit!!  This is where she and I wildly diverge.  I am happiest in comfy clothes.  I used to look through clothing catalogs and say, "Ooo, doesn't that look comfortable?", to the eye rolling of the gaggle of gay boys.  At one point Mark declared I wasn't allowed to shop by myself anymore because I dressed myself like "a granola crunchy lesbian" (A term endearingly used by the Queen Mother, John, in reference to me) when left to my own devices.  

It appears Lilyanna has not inherited THAT propensity of mine.

Anyway.  Here is the cuteness:

"Yes, Mommy, I did already eat some chocolate."

"I have my shoes, my dog, and my basket.  LET'S GO!!"

"I am cute."

We reached a neighbor's house who had a fire going in the driveway.  She was freezing by then, and pulled up a chair to sit by the fire and warm up before she headed back to our house.  But she still refused her hoodie.  She is cute, but oh, the opinions!

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Susan said...

She is SO ADORABLE!!! I never had the privilege of dealing with a daughter, and I always secretly suspected that it was planned that way because I wouldn't be strong enough to resist buying every cute thing she wanted. And as to those opinions, well, I have always admired strong women. And it seems you are going to raise one!