Friday, September 30, 2011

Nathaniel meets Scrabble

Todd and I have been playing a lot of Words with Friends lately.  Often the kids are hanging over our shoulders while we do this, so they've learned the rules of the game.  The other night for family night, Todd was out of town, so I decided that I would teach the boys how to play honest to goodness Scrabble.  I anticipated helping the boys along, since their spelling isn't always great.  After the first two turns, Nathaniel announced he needed no more help.  He then proceeded to absolutely kill Benjamin and me.  I mean KILL.  Like he figured out that if he had a "q" he needed to figure out how to get that q on the triple letter square.  And he did.  And then he figured out how to layer the words on top of each other so he was getting credit for for 4 words at a time.  I think I only recently started doing that.  Apparently, he's inherited Todd's Scrabble abilities.  Not mine.

I think I'll just play with Benjamin from now on.

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