Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Decorating Help, please!!!

Todd and I had our room painted last February right before we got our new, grown up bedroom furniture.  I still haven't put up curtains in the room.  I have bought a gazillion, but none of them looked right against the paint, so I've also returned a gazillion of them What I thought was a basic beige paint, is actually a little pinkish it turns out.  It looks great with the dark wood of the furniture, but I'm going to have to go with just white curtains.  I have the added difficulty that I have to do the two windows on one side of the wall and I also need curtains for the two closets on the opposite wall.

Do I do 4 of the same style curtain?  Or 2  for the windows, and 2 different for the closets?

And, I prefer silk curtains, but have had a difficult time finding white silk curtains that I like.  Here are a few ideas, I've found.  Please chime in!!!

I did find these, which are the duponi silk that I love.  But now I'm not sure.  Do I need to switch my comforter to a more "like" material with the silk curtains being less than two feet from my bedspread?  arg!!!  I was going to switch the bedding anyway, but I wasn't planning on going silky.  Dry clean only bedding simply isn't an option in my house.  There are too many children with dirty fingers.

Thank you in advance for all of your ideas.

Interior Decorating Challenged in Ohio


Stacy Smith said...

I think you can do silk curtains without putting that kind of fabric on your bed. I like more sheen on a curtain near the window than on my bed anyway. I really love the white curtains with the big circles. They are really fun. Unless the curtains you pick are light and airy I wouldn't put them on both sides of the room. It could feel heavy and closed in. And I don't know about you but I so rarely dust my room, I am never sure that more fabric holding dust is a good idea. Is it possible to leave the closet open? or find a different way to hide it.

Beth said...

I completely agree wih Stacy Smith.

Barbara said...

I like Stacy's comment and I also like the curtains with the circles. My only concern is that little fingers would like to feel the fringe-like circles as they look like they jut out from the fabric. At least my granddaughters would like to touch and see the fabric threads move. You don't need the same kind of fabric on your bedspread. You could always get an extra panel if it wasn't too expensive and make small throw pillows for your bed to tie in everything together. Or you could also make tiebacks for your curtain panels. Would you consider putting bi-fold doors on your closet so you wouldn't need curtains to cover the opening? They're not too expensive [considering the price per panel of your curtains] and are not too hard to install.

Emilia said...

Thanks, Stacy! (and amen to the lack of dusting!)

Barbara, we just took off the bi-fold doors. I hate them. They take up too much room in our small room. I like the extra panel/throw pillow idea, though!