Monday, June 13, 2011

Tony's 2011

I didn't watch last night because I was sure that NPH couldn't possibly be as funny as last year.  I mean he was great at both the Tony's and the Emmy's last year.  It just didn't seem statistically possible that lightning could strike a third time.  I was wrong.  And last night's opening number?  SOOooo much better than the monstrosity that was last year's number.   

And could anything have been more fun than watching Daniel Radcliffe dance??  My boys are going to be excited to watch this number.  It's not my favorite song from the show, but the energy in it is great!

But back to Neil Patrick Harris.  Again with the very funny and talent showcasing numbers!  This time with Hugh Jackman, who I didn't love as a host to be honest, but that's just me.

It looks like it was a great show, and I may need to see if I can watch the whole thing later.  

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Abby said...

i missed them this year! thanks for posting these, i loved them! now off to youtube. :)