Friday, June 24, 2011

This Week

*Benjamin is off at his first ever sleep away roughing it scout camp.  They are sleeping in tents, bathing in rivers, and getting rained on every day.  My father in law is with him.  I'm grateful that he was able to share in this adventure with Benjamin and I'm excited to have the both home tomorrow.  From the sounds of things, though, we should maybe just burn all the clothing they took with them.  When I was "helping" Benjamin pack for Scout Camp, I had the thought that he is going to to be just a little bit further away from childhood after this week.  It makes me sad to think that, but happy at the way he seems to be growing up.

*It's been fun to hang out with Nathaniel without Benjamin around.  However, I never realized before how much he talks.  I pretty much zoned out for all of dinner last night because I couldn't. listen. to. one. more. word!  Benjamin apparently does a lot of listening so the rest of us don't have to absorb it.  Last night I pulled out the silent game just so Todd and I could get a word in edgewise.  Nathaniel is about to teach me how to play Mario Cart on the Wii.  I've never played.

* We discovered with our huge elimination diet that Caleb is very sensitive to wheat.  When he has a lot of it, ADHD symptoms are significantly worse for him.  We also discovered on our diet that when we took away much of the hyperactivity we were left with other things that need work.  I'm grateful that we are in a position to help him work on the things that we need and that there are resources out there for Todd and I to learn how to be the kind of parent he needs.

*Lilyanna is a climber.  She has scaled the piano and dining room table this week.  Chairs and couches are not high enough for her.  I'm considering a large kennel for her when I need to do something where I can't have my eye on her directly.  ;)

*I am buying new running shoes next week and hitting the pavement asap!  I had to give up my 3 exercise classes a week with all the kids home this summer and boy does it show!  It's not just that I've put on a couple of pounds.  It's that I don't feel good.  I actually need to exercise to feel like I have any kind of energy for the rest of the day.  Without it I feel bleh all day long.

How's your week going?


Beth said...

Shall we run a 5k this fall? You don't have to actually stay with me during the race if you don't want to.

Emilia said...

Yes! Let's!

Beth said...

Great. I'll start looking and you also look and we'll see what we come up with. Are there any other MS races anytime this fall?

Anne Marie said...

First scout camp! I was a wreck sending Taylor off last year (although this year I have been begging him to go...hehehehe...the joys of being almost fourteen!).

Wishing you the very, very best in helping your cute Caleb thrive. He's lucky to have you on his side.

Exercise!? Yes, I agree completely. It's essential. I haven't been able to the last 2 weeks after dropping a large rolling pin on my foot, and I can feel it in every muscle of my body.

I've survived 24 days of summer (but who's counting?). Sending you the very best.