Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Veterans Day 2010

My blog is a little erratic lately with the dates.  I'm posting more, but just with what catches my fancy.  Chronology Shmonology is what I always say!  (Actually, I've never said that before.  But now is an excellent time to start!)  ANYWAY.  Here are the Webelo 2 scouts from our pack.  You can tell which one is my kid because he has NO patches sewn on his shirt.  That has since been remedied.  Ya know.  Just in time for him to cross over to Boy Scouts and not need the shirt anymore.

These boys did the flag ceremony for the Veteran's Day assembly held at the elementary school.  I cried pretty much the whole time.  Something about lots of old men in uniform telling war stories combined with patriotic music.  I can't handle it.  I take an entire box of tissues to the Memorial Day parade in our town each year.  It's the cars full of former POWs that get me every time.  

This group of boys, though small, is good.  I've been pleased with the experiences Benjamin has been able to enjoy while associated with our neighborhood Cub Scout Pack.  It's weird to think he's almost a boy scout.  My BABY!!  

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