Sunday, January 16, 2011

Nathaniel's Baptism!

Nathaniel and his Dad
Nathaniel turned 8 years old this summer and was baptized out in Wyoming by his Grandpa Bradshaw.  Benjamin and Grandpa Smith spoke at it, and Todd confirmed him a member of the church.  It was fun to have so many relatives there to participate with him.  We are really proud of Nathaniel for making the decision to be baptized.  
Nathaniel, Grandpa Bradshaw, and Benjamin
Lilyanna getting acquainted with her Great Aunt Julie and her Great Grandma Bradshaw.  She seemed to really take to Great Grandma Bradshaw.  It was very sweet.

The whole gang:  Smiths and Bradshaw and Hales and Clays and Christensens and more!

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Anne Marie said...

Congratulations, Nathaniel! So good to see pictures of your fam. Say hi to your parents from me.