Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fun Times at Grandma's House!

So, no visit to my parent's house is complete without an awesome bubble bath in the whirlpool.  It is because my parent's installed a huge whirlpool in the bathroom in their NJ house when I was 9 that has made it so I haven't taken a bath in a regular sized bathtub ever since.  You can't grow up with that and then downsize.  
Nothing says FUN like a bath full of bubbles!!

I promise that somewhere in there, there is a tub.

 Meanwhile, Lilyanna discovered the joys of crawling all over the place and cleaning up after everyone who dropped food.  To be fair, in this picture she's just cleaning up the tortilla that she dropped, but she was just as happy to help the morning that somebody spilled the cocoa krispies on the floor.  It's amazing what the last child gets to eat that the first child would never even have been able to touch.

 Happily, my Mom still had a walker up in the storage room from when my nephew was a baby.  The boys had a great time tying a piece of string on the front of it and pulling her all over the house.  Later in the week, the string even got attached to a bike so they could pull her even faster.  Again with the youngest kid, thing...
We all had a great time in Wyoming this visit.  It was really relaxing to hang out at my parent's house and enjoy spending time with them as they enjoyed spending time with their grandkids.

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Mark, Stacy, & Jack said...

You guys are so awesome! I love it!