Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Visit with Great Grandma

While in Wyoming, the younger kids and I went the few blocks down the street to my Grandma's house to introduce her to Lilyanna.  Happily my cousin, Becky, and her family were visiting as well.  Her daughter, Harper, is a week older than Lilyanna and just as physically precocious.  It was really fun to see them play together, and great to see Becky again after so many years.  Lilyanna snuggled right up to her Great Grandma Bradshaw.  It was very sweet to watch.


Anne Marie said...

What a treat to visit Great Grandma. So happy to see pictures of you, friend.

Emilia said...

hey, annekin! always fun to see how everyone is looking, huh? ;) I had a plane ticket to use and flirted with the idea of heading down to you, but I'm still nursing and couldn't face the idea of doing a long flight and time zone change with Lilyanna for just a weekend. (do you like how I asked you first if I even CouLD come to visit you??)