Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Little Spin Doctor

A couple of months ago, Caleb announced to me one day after school, "Mom, I'm doing really great this year at school!"

"Oh, yeah?", I said while getting dinner ready and only half listening to him.

"Yup!  I have only had to go down to the office ONE time this whole entire year!!"  He said this very proudly.

"Oh, real-...Wait? What??" He had my full attention at that point.  "Why did you have to go down to the office?"

Caleb shrugged.  "I made a poor choice."  And he strolled out of the room.  I decided to talk to his teacher about it before pursuing it any further with him, but she had a bunch of personal stuff happen, so I didn't get a chance.

A few weeks later, Caleb announced proudly one night at dinner, "Mom, I'm doing SO great this year!! I've only had to go down to the office TWICE!"

In my head, I was sure he was just repeating his story of a few weeks before.  And then the new number registered in my head.  "Wait.  What??  Twice??  Why?"

He shrugged, "Miles and I were breaking crayons and throwing them."


"Because I have a hard time following the rules in the morning.  I do better in the afternoon."

Me:  ".....  Um, Caleb, you know it's not okay to break crayons and throw them."

Caleb looked at me and continued, "I know that.  Besides, I've only been to the office Two Times.  Miles has been down there like a million times."

And then his brothers took over with stories of the famous Kindergarten Miles who has been to the office a million times already.

I've never had a kid who got sent to the office before.  I'm not sure what to do with him.

And it was really hard both times to wait until I got all the way up to my bedroom and shut the door before I started laughing.  I seriously love that kid.

Remind me to tell you about Caleb's Crime Ring next time.

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