Monday, March 22, 2010

Two Months Old

This is my Dad holding Lilyanna in what seems to be a favorite position for her. He put her like that one day while she was fussing and when she calmed down, he said, "Oh, well that makes sense. It's how you liked to be held at this age, too." I have since grown out of that desire, I assure you. But besides being a cute picture of my Dad with his only granddaughter, it also highlights how l-o-n-g she is. She, like her older brothers before her, has put all of her energy into growing longer and not fatter.

At two months old, she weighs ONE. I repeat ONE pound more than she weighed at birth. I promise I feed her all the time! But she has grown four inches longer since birth. Totally not my fault. Have you met Todd? All him. Except Todd never had to wear tights. (Except that one time, but we won't talk about that right now...) Do you know how ridiculous this poor little girl with her skinny little chicken legs looks in tights?? Good thing warm weather is right around the corner is all I can say.

And here is a picture of Lilyanna with my Mom. Because it is sweet and makes me smile to look at it.


Anne Marie said...

I can't believe...four inches! Your parents look so sweet with her...definitely experts.

Esther said...

I love those pictures. I miss you, your family, and your wonderful wonderful parents.

Ramey said...

This is how Kevin always held Lydia. She had to be facing frontwards. Afraid she was going to miss something.

Jennifer Cox said...

Wow, she is long and I also noticed that your dad still looks the same, at least to me and only from a camera view. Glad everyone is doing well and you have recovered from your surgery.