Friday, March 26, 2010

More Two Months

Lilyanna at 1 month...when i could still sometimes convince her to take a pacifier.
Before I forget, Lilyanna is doing these things now:

-pushing herself into standing position, if we hold her fingers.
-trying to do a serious crunch into a sitting position if laying on her back.
-grinning and cooing and combining sounds. And generally making everyone melt. She grinned at Nathaniel the other day and I could have scraped him off the floor. "MOM!! Lilyanna LOVES me!!" Adorable.
-Sleeping at night for a 5 hour stretch, consistently. Which is good. Because Todd and I are old and tired.
-starting to reach for the little toy thingies. Maybe. Maybe it's just a coincidence that her hand slowly collides with them. I can't quite tell yet.
-with her eyes, following people or things across a room.
-She hates her pacifier. A lot.

The nice thing about being done having kids (knocking furiously on all wooden surfaces around me) is that I'm really enjoying this stage. I don't think I have ever enjoyed any of my other babies the same way due to having other small children, or both of us working, or relocating to a new state. But now all my other kids are in school, and I'm at home during the day, and Lilyanna and I can stare and coo at each other for an hour if we want. It's wonderful and I'm so grateful to have this opportunity.


Valerie said...

Cute :) Oh, and don't worry, I haven't forgotten about your black dress. I need to bring it over sometime and see Lilyanna in person!

Carrie Nation said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying your baby girl. I loved hearing her cooing last night. She's very sweet.