Wednesday, October 7, 2009


One day after school last week, Nathaniel and I were walking through the school hallways after retrieving a forgotten paper. I stopped to chat with a fellow Mom, when one of her Daisy Scouts said, "Hey, are you Nathaniel's mom? Cuz, I'm gonna marry him."

All I could do was blink a few times, and say, "Um. What's your name?"

Nathaniel rolled his eyes at her.

The thing is, this is the second time I've been approached like this. The first time was a girl from Caleb's 3 yr old preschool class. Same exact conversation. Although, we were members of the same pool this summer, and they didn't even look at each other. So, I guess they're over it.

Is this preparing me for some pushy daughters-in-law somewhere down the road?

I think I'll move far away. I think I could be a decent mother in law from afar.

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