Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Wedding

On the day of the wedding, we met down in the hotel lobby to take a bus to the Gurdwara. The bus driver didn't actually have directions, so getting there was quite the adventure, but fun was had by all on the bus. Here is a picture of Nathaniel and I in our wedding clothing.


So handsome.

On the bus!

I love this picture of Nathaniel enjoying a little food before the service began. I could claim it was taken anywhere in the world, really.

I don't remember this little girl's name, but seriously, how could I NOT take her picture?!

Marc and Nathaniel during the ceremony sitting on the boy's side of the room. Nathaniel was so well behaved through the whole ceremony. (Marc behaved well, also.)

Cute Boys!!

I don't know what it's called. I forgot to ask. But I like it.

Gurmukh and his wife Puneet performed for us. Somebody commented that they were really impressed with how Gurmukh played, and he replied, "Eh, ya know. These are the things you pick up growing up in NJ." To which I replied, "Dude, I grew up in NJ and I assure you, I never learned how to do that!" He was really good.

The Groom (check out his sword!) and The Bride and her cousin Sanj making one of the loops around the colorful thing that I forgot to ask the name of. They go around 4 times with an escort at each corner. At the last go-round they are married.

Sukhvinder and Sunny! (And somebody who I didn't meet, so I don't know his name.)

Sanj, Uncle, Sukhvinder, Sunny (again with the FABULOUS sword!), and Gurmukh

It was really wonderful to witness this wedding between two people who are so happy together. I've known Sukhvinder since we were 11 years old and it has been wonderful to see how coming together with Sunny has only enhanced her most wonderful qualities. I'm so pleased for these to special people! It was impossible to not be happy when in their presence.


Anne Marie said...

Looks like a fabulous trip for you and Nathaniel. Beautiful, beautiful bride and groom. I love all the vibrant colors.

Esther said...

Sukhvinder looks beautiful! The wedding must've been wonderful. The food, the music, the clothes, everything. I do dig Sunny's sword.