Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Reception

The reception was held at the SFMOMA gallery down on the harbor. There was wonderful music, great Ethiopian food, and fabulous conversation. In other words, everything you could want for an evening with friends!
Here are both sides of the family.
Marc's Mama (who flew all the way from Germany!) talking to the bride and groom.
Marc and Nathaniel dancing.
Nathaniel posed and took this picture.
Sukhvinder's cousin, Sanj, from England. He is absolutely delightful and I would have smuggled him home in my luggage if they didn't have those pesky weight limits.

Nathaniel took this picture, too. I like it.
Isn't he dreamy?
Okay, these two are adorable together. You can tell in each picture with the cake how very much they both like one another. Everyone can manage a good lovey dovey at a wedding, but to see two people have such regard from one another was special indeed.

Cutting the cake. I was a little disappointed Sunny didn't bring his sword for this. ;)
Look at that gorgeous braid!!!
Me, Sukhvinder, and Dayna
We met in 5th grade and universally agree to stay mum on exactly how long ago that was. It was so wonderful to be with these two lovely ladies again. They are wonderful, strong, funny, inspirational women and I feel blessed to know them both.

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