Saturday, September 19, 2009

Men, Part 2 (and women, too.)

Maybe it's just the hormones talking, but I'm a little annoyed with people lately. Yesterday, I went to the hospital for an ultrasound of my gall bladder because I've been having all sorts of symptoms that add up to attacks and issues with it.

Anyway, yesterday I took my medical order papers (from my ob/gyn,btw) in to the technician. She asked me to expose my belly so she could squirt that awful goo all over to do her test. As I'm laying on the bed, she notices that I have maternity pants on. "Oh," she says, "Did you just have a baby?"

Here's the thing. It seems like a fairly vital piece of information for the technician to be aware of since she's about to perform an ultrasound on my organs which because of said baby are smushed up all over the place. So, I say, "Um. Actually, I'm 5 and a half months pregnant."

"Oh, really?" she says. And then proceeds to do the test. But not before she asks me what I'm there for. Again, all I can think is, "Did you READ the papers I brought you? Isn't that part of your JOB?!" But I explain to her anyway, because at this point I feel like I should probably walk her through it since I have no confidence that she knows what she's doing.

I will say that it was over quickly and I was out of the hospital much quicker than I'd anticipated.

However, I came home and pinged a friend of mine who was on gmail. Anyway this was a snippet of the conversation that followed:

me: when you saw me, I looked pregnant, right?
this was not a difficult thing to discern?

him: hrm
possibly just fat
I'm not sure how to distinguish the two
me: I think I need to kill you now.
It is on these days that I think it is really too bad that all of my gay boy friends have jobs and work during the day. There are many times when you just want a man-friend who will both listen and not be a complete idiot.
On a bright note, yesterday all of my female friends noted my fabulous cleavage, but I think it was more because they'd read my blog than anything else.
I suppose I should blame my peevishness at the world on the hormones.


hi, i'm nancy! said...

no, she didn't read your paperwork beforehand. none of them do. trust me, i know this. i used to work in a hospital.


Anne Marie said...

Ha! Gotta love all the comments we get when we're pregnant! I hope everything's okay with your gallbladder. Lousy time to have problems with it...being pregnant and all.

Carrie Nation said...

maybe you should play some beethoven to compliment your peevishness...


Emilia said...

you and your "Room with a View" references. ;)