Sunday, June 21, 2009

Teenage boys

When boys in our church turn 19, they serve a two year mission away from home. Several years ago I chuckled when I saw the saying "We should send missionaries out when they are 16. They still know everything and their mothers wouldn't cry when they left."

I have found myself totally understanding that sentiment lately as I get to routinely deal with the drama of a 16 year old son.

But then there are these bright and shining moments where I don't want to kill him because he says things that are sweet and insightful. Like today when he said, "If I'd known what I was going to get at the end, I would have gone through six more foster homes to get here."


Anne Marie said...

That is truly sweet. He is a lucky have arrived at your door. I'll be in touch with you in a few years for wisdom when my son is that age.

Beth said...

This gave me chills. Good ones.

Trish said...

You guys are amazing people. I can only imagine the blessings coming your way because of this.

Lara Mackelberry said...

that has to feel good. How Sweet!