Monday, June 22, 2009

Musical Monday

More on the Tony Awards. Here are some of my favorite openings from past years. I offer them in contrast to the 10 minute long, bad sound system, ridiculously expensive mess that happened this year.

This one from the 55th Tony Awards. I'm a little sad they didn't show them all having to stop and swipe their metro cards, though. Still, there was the requisite singing and dancing, sparkly costumes, whimsy (the very idea of tapping down to the awards is delightful...and everyone finding a seat on the subway, which, let's face it, is pure fantasy), and best of all it was under five minutes. Incidentally, this show was the year that "The Producers" swept the awards. The performance they offered that night was the little old ladies tapping with their walkers. The crowd loved it!

I also really like this one for it's simplicity and IT'S AMAZING ALL STAR LINE-UP OF PRESENTERS!!! Seriously, it's like all my favorites got together in a row. And under three minutes.

Anybody else have any favorite Tony Award numbers?

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