Tuesday, June 2, 2009


So, like most people who were ridiculous enough to assume that they could script their lives, Todd and I got rid of most of our baby stuff ages ago. The only thing I still have is a high chair and a changing table that we've been using as shelves for spare bedding.

I am looking for advice. Specifically about car seats, strollers, and pac n' plays. What's good out there? What's terrible?

I blissfully lost track of all of this sort of knowledge years ago.

Goodbye, ignorance.


Jen said...

I've thought about this far too much for someone who's not having a baby anytime soon.

I am IN LOVE with the Chicco KeyFit travel system. I am definitely splurging on one when the baby thing happens (unless, of course, you get one for your baby.... and pass it down to your sister-in-law whom you love so very much.... nudge,nudge...)


Also, craigslist is an amazing resource for used baby stuff (not in utah, though). Jordan and Cassie got a practically brand-new awesome baby swing for, like, $30 or something.

Mommy Tips said...

I can definitely help you with this, but there's too much to tell for a blog post. :) I'll let you know what we have that works if you're interested.

Anne Marie said...

The one thing I found after the twins that I highly recommend getting is the Ergo baby/toddler carrier. Works great from about 5/6 months up until 2 1/2 or so. Saved my back once my little guys were too big for the Baby Bjorn. I used it mostly on my hip, but it can be used as a front/back carrier too. Very smartly designed. For pregnancy....I highly recommend the Prenatal Cradle. It's this support thing for your belly, especially during the last trimester. It's great for a day you're going to be up and around a lot. It was essential when I was pregnant with twins, considering I was measuring 35 weeks along at 25 weeks:) For nursing, Bravado nursing bras...nothing else is more comfortable. Just order up a size from what it recommends. To create some white noise in a baby's bedroom or in your bedroom when he/she's napping, I highly recommend this Homedics sound spa machine. I ordered it from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.com. It really helps babies sleep for long periods of time. Oh, good luck with everything, friend. Hope you're having some better days, as far as morning sickness goes.