Sunday, June 7, 2009

Caleb's Birthday!

Only a month late. The night of Caleb's birthday, we had our friends and neighbors the S & Ms over. (That's what we call you, Heather and Christian. Just so you know. In fact, that's even how I write your name on the calendar for get togethers.)

There are few things more fabulous than food and cake and presents and playing with friends. Caleb received for his birthday the tremendously fabulous Star Wars sheets from PBK. (I'm seriously so bitter they don't make them in king size.) And other misc. Star Wars toys and games.

The standard birthday boy dinner in our house is pizza, but Caleb, never afraid to set a course different from his brothers, informed me that he wanted grilled cheese sandwiches, potato chips, baby carrots and cake for his birthday dinner.

He sure is one cute little stinker and frankly, I can't believe he made it to five.

Note: the Marvin the Martian PJs. These may be the most beloved pjs ever and Caleb wears them for as many hours in a row as possible even though they are too small for him. The hippy-commie preschool was fine with him wearing pjs to school whenever he wanted. We've already started discussing how pjs are not allowed in Kindergarten except on special days. He nods assent now, but we'll see what comes in August.

I will miss seeing a pajama clad Caleb at all hours of the day.


Anne Marie said...

Happy birthday to your cute guy. Glad my son's not the only one to wear beloved pj's much of the time. I have been sorely tempted to "lose" my Ian's monkey pj's which have developed many fuzz balls after wearing them so many times. It does help me tell my twins apart (when their backs are both turned) since Ian so often wears the same thing:)

Trish said...

Please have him wear the pj's to primary. I'm sure it would create great discussion in our class!!

Jen said...

More beloved than the Superman PJ's? I find that hard to believe.