Sunday, April 26, 2009


For your daily dose of poetry, head over to The Golden Orb for Carrie Nation's post du jour. I was planning on posting this one today, actually, so that worked out nicely.

My husband sang a choral version of this poem in NJ Region II Chorus under the direction of Ginny Moravek. That was 17 years ago. He still walks around singing it. In fact, any of this poem that I have memorized is his fault.

Enjoy! (And thanks, Carrie!)

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Carrie Nation said...

Emilia and Todd, here is an "anonymous" comment just left on my Jabberwocky post. It was meant for the two of you:

"Hi there. I happened to google my name and I came up with this item called Jabberwocky. I was the conductor of that chorus who conducted this piece. I hope the person who mentioned it gets in touch with me. I can be found on facebook. This piece is still one of my favorites. More HS conductors should do this piece."