Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blithe Spirit!!

I have been wanting to see Blithe Spirit on Broadway, ever since Todd mentioned to me months ago that it was coming!! Hello?! A chance to see Angela Lansbury on stage AND Rupert Everett!! Too good to pass up!

So after our day in the city with our boys, Todd bundled them home, I shopped a little and then met two wonderful friends for dinner at Ellen's Stardust Diner. Chris Ian, a.k.a. the tooth fairy to my children, works there and took us to meet all his fellow singing waiters and waitresses. Again, snobby me was a little appalled at the idea of going to such a touristy place, but we had SO much fun!! You can't not have a good time at Ellen's, specifically if the entire staff is stopping by the table to check on you. All of the staff take turns singing either a song from the 50s or a show tune, and all of them are working there way into showbiz, so they are goooooood! One of the guys there had just been hired to be one of the Hyenas in The Lion King tour. There were lots of other similar stories. Anyway, fun, fun, fun! You should go if you're in town. (And order the strawberry shortcake! Perfect proportions of cream, strawberries and cake. Mmmm.)

Chris Ian and Marc were delightful company! The two of them kept humming the theme from "Murder She Wrote" in anticipation of the show. For me, it was all about Rupert. Who despite recent plastic surgery is dang good looking on stage and in a tux.

"I'll take one of those, please."

The play was delightful! (And should at least be nominated for a Tony for the lighting design.) Angela Lansbury is amazing considering she's 84 years old, and according to Rupert when he appeared on the Today Show, she never misses a show, which guilts the rest of the cast into having to do every show as well.

After the show I convinced Marc and Chris Ian to be theater geeks with me and to wait by the stage door for the actors to come out. I was not leaving without a signed program and a close up glimpse of Rupert.

I can't remember which one of them came out first. But...

Angela came out of the theater, and she was a delight! She smiled and talked to everyone and signed any program or poster handed to her. (She did refuse to sign anything not from the show. She didn't want to encourage people who hadn't been at the show and were just glomming on to the awaiting theater crowd.)

Rupert came out (snicker), signed a few programs (mine being the most important) and then waltzed away all by himself, casually down the road. One very handy thing about being in the company of a man who is 6'5" is that he can see over the crowd and when I had lost sight of my darling Rupert was able to spot him immediately strolling down the sidewalk. All. By. Him. Self.

Do you hear me?!

No security.

No friend.


Marc suggested that then was my chance to tackle him. I would be lying if I said that the thought was not instantly appealing to me. But then I had a sudden vision of having to call Todd to come bail my out of some precinct in the city. I didn't think he'd find it very amusing...well, not for a few months at least.

I struggled inwardly at my decision to not throw my arms about Ruperts waist at a stampeding run, but then he got in a car at the end of the block and my turmoil was over. The moment had passed and I wasn't going to have to explain any ridiculous behavior to my ever-loving-and-ridiculously-patient husband.

Though I may forever regard Rupert Everett as "the one I let get away".

The oh-so-sassy Chris Ian and Marc waiting by the stage door.
Rupert!!! He signed my program and made eye contact, and yes, Marc, is shorter than you. You still win.

Angela Lansbury!! Also signed my program and looked at me when I told her how delightful she was, and didn't complain about the fact that I was draped across the hood of her waiting car to get said signature. And yes, Marc and Chris Ian continued to hum the "Murder She Wrote" theme song. I wonder if you can get sheet music for that...

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Carrie Nation said...

How exciting! I can't believe Angela's 84 already! Wow.