Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Yardwork Fairy Tale

It was a lovely day yesterday, so Caleb decided to pull everything out of the garage to play with all of the things he'd been missing. Like our lawn mower. I don't like things with motors. So we have a reel mower. I like it because I don't get nervous about my kids mowing the lawn and they think it's playing. Win win.
Yesterday as Caleb was pushing the lawnmower across the grass while wearing his stripey pajamas, mis-matched socks, and face paint he called out to me, "Mom, I'm making happy grass come true!"


Anne Marie said...

I loved reading the segment of the continuing story of you and Todd. You guys are definitely a perfect match! Love how you let your boys help out with the lawnmowing. I'm going to have to think about that one. Happy Bir-fus Day-fus to-fus you-fus (as Jared's grandpa loves to say)! Sending you a hug across the many miles.

Valerie said...

Same as us! Maybe you can tell us where we can get ours serviced.

Emilia said...

thanks for the birthday wishes, ladies!