Friday, February 13, 2009


Nathaniel informed me the other day that he's learned all the Kindergarten stuff, so it's time for him to go to first grade now.  With this in mind, I share a few stories.

1.  Nathaniel spent the first three months of school complaining to me that his name was too long to write all the time.  (I admit that I wasn't considering this when I named him.)  His teacher is cool enough that she was fine with him writing his initials on his paper as long as he practiced his name at home.  That worked for awhile.  But Nathaniel realized he was able to write longer than initials, just not all NINE letters of his name.  So, he changed it to "Wikit".  (That's an Ewok name for all you non-Star Wars geeks out there...though, it may not be spelled that way.  I'm not enough of a geek to have the Star Wars lexicon as part of my spell check package.)  That was good for a couple of months.  Lately, he's changed it again.  Now he signs his papers "DS6".  He tells me that's his code name for a game he plays with his brothers.  I thoroughly appreciate his amazing teacher who rolls with Nathaniel on this one and hasn't turned writing into a power struggle.  She is fabulous.  Nathaniel did write his name on ALL of his class Valentines yesterday, though, so I'm hoping that by next year he might be more comfortable with it on a regular basis.

2.  Nathaniel brought home from school a watercolor painting the title of which was "I Like My Face".  

3.  Nathaniel brought home the following worksheet from school that he had completed:

"Words in the -et family:

1. jet
2. bet
3. met
4. set
5. fetarashun"

 (that's "federation", in case you don't read Kindergarten-ese)

Man, I love that kid.


hi, i'm nancy! said...

cute, cute, cute. and more importantly, imaginative, imaginative, imaginative. :)

Jen said...

I sincerely hope Nathaniel never outgrows using codenames on his papers. Unfortunately, I doubt all his teachers will be so understanding.

Valerie said...

I think that the spelling is Wicket. I had two brothers who watched that movie about a million times.

Beth said...

So funny. When Kelsey was writing out all of her valentines, she got to Nathaniel's and said that he had too many letters.

Jessica said...

I just love the creativity of your kids! Free spirits. I need a code name.

Anne Marie said...

I love Nathaniel's code names. And, what a great teacher to go with it. I'm very impressed by the federation spelling he did. Remarkable for a kindergartner. When I was getting ready to name my twinners, my mom did point out that Ian's name is 3 letters long and Christopher's name is 11 letters long. Well, I did wonder if that could be a problem when they're learning to write their names. But, they were the only two names we could agree I'm thinking I'll have Christopher just go by Chris during the school years, so his name will only be 2 letters longer than Ian's. I spent way too much space telling you about this...I'll e-mail you when I've updated my blog, by the way, so don't worry about checking it. I've been exceptionally lazy when it comes to blogging. Hope you had a nice Valentine's.

Emilia said...

Yeah, his imagination rocks. Although, none of my kids lack in that department.

AM-that's funny with your twins. I never thought about that. Benjamin became "Ben" by about the third day of Kindergarten. So, he's Ben and school and Benjamin everywhere else. (Missing your posts, btw, but appreciate that there are times and seasons to things.)