Sunday, February 1, 2009


Remember all that snow I wasn't too keen on receiving last week?

We got it. And lots of it. But it was undeniably lovely. And it was sort of fun getting all the ice off of my car. Sort of like peeling a hard boiled egg. Except I've never managed to cut myself on egg shells. Ice is now a different story.

Still, the sun came out and made all the ice and snow sparkle beautifully and I could pretend I was in some other world full of diamonds. Granted, I caught myself day dreaming more than once during the week about hanging out poolside with a book all summer, so I was still aware of reality to some extent.

Fellow Awesome Broads, Heather and Joan, were most helpful in preserving my sanity during the two days the kids had off from school. We swapped kids around and it made me happy and my kids happier.

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