Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pine Wood Derby 2009!!

(Caleb is thrilled and enthusiastic for every heat no matter where he places. Nathaniel does not like to "lose".)

Benjamin is not pictured here, even though it was his derby. We were having camera issues. I started with my phone as camera, but then it ran out of batteries. Todd ran home to get the camera which I used until IT ran out of batteries. Then we switched over to Todd's phone.

Oi. Who says modern convenience is convenient?

This year Todd and the boys spent about 1/8 of the time spent last year on derby cars. And all three placed better than ever. Go figure. Benjamin placed second in his den and 4th overall. I can't remember the other boys placements, though they both did well enough to surprise me.

It was good times all around. I got to hang with some of the Broads. We all got to cheer our boys. The boys got to play with their friends, run around the gym, and race cars. And Todd got to read up on his company's financial report during the heats that didn't involve our sons. Good times were had by all.

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