Sunday, January 25, 2009

Magic Treehouse: The Musical

Yes. It was exactly as bad/good as it sounds.

But it had been negative degrees for several days and I was all done with housebound. So, I swept my younger boys up. (Both Todd and J managed to stop short of saying "Hell, no!" when I asked if they wanted to join us, but I really think that's what each of them was tempted to say.)

Still. Worth all $11.50 per ticket. Spending the first 30 years of my life right outside of NYC, it still cracks me up that it's possible to see a professional show in a downtown theater for that little money. In NYC, kid's show or otherwise, you're still looking at $50-$100 a ticket.

Anyway, the music was utterly forgettable. The staging kinda cute. The acting just fine for a kids show. The memories of sitting in the theater with my boys and watching them be excited by each new thing were fabulous.

I get very snobby about theater. But sometimes I need to sit back and watch somebody discovering the joy and wonder of it for the first time to remind me why I keep going to shows.

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Tricia said...

They aren't coming my direction. :( It sounds like something my kids would love though!