Sunday, January 25, 2009

"I've Had a Birthday! Shout Hooray!"

Tomorrow is Todd's Birthday!

In the grand tradition of lists I like to make here are 34 things that I love about Todd:

1. He is even hotter today than he was at 24. And 14. And 4, for that matter. (I know 4 year olds aren't ever hot, but still...)
2. He is ridiculously good at most things he sets his mind on. He decided he wanted to sing an arrangement of a song he liked. So he downloaded some software, listened to the song a million times, and arranged it for the choir to sing. Amazing.
3. I love that after knowing him for most of my life, he is still amazing me.
4. When asked to pick one single word to describe my husband, I pick "integrity". He is good. He just is. He follows through always on the things that he holds dear to him.
5. He does dishes.
6. He got on his hands and knees today and cleaned the dining room floor with a rag while I made dinner in the kitchen. We had a lovely time chatting.
7. He has an excellent eye for color.
8. He can wear orange.
9. And does.
10. His voice. Mmm. His voice. A well sung solo can make me all mushy every time.
11. He likes theater and music and reading and movies.
12. He made "imdb" a verb in our house.
13. And will race me to the computer after every movie to look up who played Busboy #2, because didn't he look sort of familiar?
14. He is always trying to be a better him.
15. And a better Dad.
16. Even though he's pretty darn fabulous as both already.
17. He's a geek.
18. Who reads math books for fun.
19. And refers to computer code as "elegant".
20. He writes poetry.
21. And submits it to journals.
22. And then makes a collection of rejection slips.
23. He is diligent and dedicated about work, but not married to it.
24. He's not perfect, but he's worthy.
25. He's not afraid to try making new recipes.
26. But doesn't like to order new things at restaurants.
27. He laughs at my terrible jokes and puns.
28. And kisses me for them.
29. Except the Ether Bunny jokes.
30. He keeps his work Blackberry turned off all weekend.
31. He can walk into a library and pick something out for me. And is right. Always.
32. He's not afraid to admit he knows nothing and learn something new.
33. Like how to install a toilet. And an electrical outlet. And a sink. And moulding.
34. I love my love because I know my love loves me.


Tricia said...

You definitely got one of the best. Happy birthday Todd!

Emilia said...

Tricia-you got the other one, right? ;)

Anne Marie said...

Happy Birthday, Todd! So glad you guys have each other. I love how you take your kids to shows and concerts. While I can totally understand that you found the Magic Tree House musical wanting something, I'm glad you were able to enjoy your kids' excitement. Good luck with the snow.

Trish said...

Todd and I share the same birthday. I knew there was something extra special about him!!