Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Dr. Smith

I didn't think I was one of those mothers who had preconceived notions about career paths for my children.

But apparently I am.

Nathaniel has to be a doctor. Or a biologist.

It's just uncanny the way he needs to know everything that happens in the human body. Last week, Nathaniel had the wonderful throwing up virus. Apparently my lame explanations for why he was throwing up were unacceptable to him. (This is usually when we call in Dr. Dan, or Dr. Sukhvinder, or Nurse Jenny...but it was the middle of the day and I feel guilty interrupting them when they may be saving lives.)

So, after we dropped Caleb off at preschool, we swung by the library to get books and movies about viruses. Nathaniel sat wrapped up in a quilt with emergency bowl dutifully on his lap while we read and watched all about viruses, diseases, and the immune system.

Dude, when I got sick at his age, I wanted to hang out on the couch and watch cartoons about animals that chased each other all over and then dropped anvils off of cliffs.

I mention it just for comparison.

Later that night, when he was feeling a little better, he asked if we could get a stuffed animal leukocyte from The fact that he even knows about should tell you enough. The fact that he knows that a white blood cell is called a leukocyte and that it is something that should clearly be available from is quite another thing. (It is kinda cute, though.)

But it got even better! The other night at dinner, we had tomato soup.

I served with it tarallini which are little crackers shaped like tortellini.

Nathaniel tossed some crackers in his tomato soup and laughed saying, "Hey, look!! Red blood cells!!"


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Jackie Legg said...

There are some people in my class like Nathaniel. They arrive in medical school and are bored when they get there because they've learned it prior to. I wondered how that could come to be, but your son has shown me the light!