Friday, December 5, 2008

More Dances

Journal entry from April 13, 1991:

"We danced together ALL night.  [This isn't exactly true.  I remember specifically dancing with Maury and Vinny that night, as well.  But apparently they didn't count.]  I had a simply wonderful time.  I can't believe that it's over.  Sometimes I just wish that I could read guys' minds just to find out how they interpret a situation."

We did dance together quite a bit that night.  It was a ballroom dance.  So everything was waltzes and foxtrots and cha-chas and polkas.  There was one particular time as Todd and I were galloping around the room, he stopped and picked up a couple of daffodils from off of one of the tables and handed them to me.  Not only did I totally melt inside, but I took them home and dried them.  I kept them inside my curio cabinet with all of my precious music boxes until the summer of 1994.  I was packing my room up so my family could move to Wyoming, and I found the flowers tucked behind a music box on the top shelf.  I decided that I had been ridiculous and silly at age 15, and who needed old dried flowers from that silly Todd Smith anyway?  (By age 18, I was sooo over him.)  ;)

I totally wish I'd kept the flowers.

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Linnea said...

Then what happened!!!???!!! I can't wait for the next installment!