Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas 2008

It's getting ridiculous that I haven't posted about Christmas yet, so here in no particular order are pictures of Christmas 2008. We were lucky enough to have a last minute visit from Crummy and Grampy from NJ. We sure loved having them here with us for the holiday, but I have no pictures of them. I do that a lot. No pictures of people. But there will be lots of pictures of a pie.

Not in this post.

I'm just saying.

Anyway, on with the Christmas pics!

The Tree.

The Little People Nativity Scene. With the rhino that somehow visits every year. And Doomsday. (Yes, they were both added by Caleb.)

Cute little boys in their new PJs on Christmas Eve opening up the presents they got for one another.
Opening up stockings. Check out my matching PJs. Apparently, if you are short enough you can find FABULOUS pjs with feet in the boys section. Very exciting!
We love Star Wars. Star Wars everything. Everything. I'm still mad that Pottery Barn Kids doesn't make this bedding to fit a king sized bed.

After opening all of the presents upstairs, the kids were very sad because they were so certain they were going to be getting a Wii this Christmas. Nathaniel (our budding gamer) even burst into tears of sadness, until Todd took them downstairs where it was already set up and ready to go. Rejoicing commenced.
Nathaniel, Todd, Benjamin, and Grampy playing Wii.


joan said...

Love the pictures. I just hope Franklin never sees them, as you and Caleb are both wearing the penguin jammies he was hoping for. I waited too long to get them, and he had to settle for the outer space version. He seems to have managed to enjoy the holiday anyway.
Thanks for sharing the photos.

Anne Marie said...

Looks wonderful. Those pj's are fabulous. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, friend! I was thinking of your family when we celebrated New Year's. Your parents always threw such fabulous new year's parties.

Tricia said...

I love that you got the matching penguin PJs! Jonah got the two piece penguin Target version, and the penguin Target flannel sheets. Dan says he's stuck to the bed like velcro now.

And yay for the Wii! Looks like a great Christmas. :)

Emilia said...

The pjs are seriously the most comfortable ever. Benjamin has the outer space ones, too. And hello?! They GLOW!! Glow in the dark stuff still totally entertains me.

Annekin, I was thinking about YOU on NYE and about how much fun your mom's fortune telling was! I started wondering what I could use for the supplies needed. Hmmmm. Maybe next year.

ricracsally said...

OMG!!! I GOT THE JAMMIES TOO!!!! They match bella's, kitties!