Friday, October 17, 2008

What Girls Wear

So many of you have been regaled with my stories of Nathaniel and how he thinks I look like a boy because of my preferred attire of jeans, t-shirts, and flip-flops.

Tonight was the Halloween Party at our community center. When I walked out to the car wearing my costume, Benjamin and Caleb both told me how nice I looked. Nathaniel enthusiastically declared, "Now THAT'S what a girl should look like."

But when he wasn't looking, I put on his helmet and became "Boba Wench"!

So there.


Heather Snediker-Morscheck said...

If you listen closely you can hear the jaws of a million star wars geeks hitting the floor. You are now up there with the woman who makes a living as a Padme and Lea belly dancer at the conventions.

Emilia said...

Heather!! You're brilliant! Do you still remember all your moves from your belly dancing days? (It's just a figure eight.) Forget babysitting and piano lessons! We could sell some costumey talents instead!

joan said...


people die here!