Tuesday, August 5, 2008

TMI, I'm sure

This evening we are doing family pictures with my family here in Wyoming. You all know that I can hardly be bothered to brush my hair, let alone do anything to it. But for family pictures, I usually try to put forth a little effort. (Yes, I know I wore a baseball cap at last week's pictures, but I didn't realize we were doing pictures!)

Anyway, this afternoon I took a shower and then used my sister's hair dryer. I have probably blow dried my hair less than ten times in the almost ten years that Todd and I have been married. So it probably shouldn't have surprised me quite so much when I wandered into the bedroom wearing a towel to *ahem* wake Todd up from a nap.

I draped myself on the bed next to him as he woke up drowsily and we had this conversation:

Him: Why are you wearing a towel?

Me: Because I just took a shower.

Him: But your hair is dry.

Me: (Bemused) Because I used a blow dryer.

Him: Do you have a fever?

Me: (A little put out.) No.

Him: (Confused) Do I have a fever?


Jen said...

Classic. Best story ever, I think.

Jen said...

PS. remember when Nick thought you were a farmgirl? Hahahaha. I just remembered that.

Emilia said...

I actually was just thinking of that story tonight while we were driving home from the mountains!

Beth said...

I can't even imagine you with towel dried hair. I don't really believe it. I must be hallucinating that I just read this post. And highlights? Am I in a parallel dimension?