Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Day in Columbus

We were trying to go to the Santa Maria. But it was closed. So we went to the Main Public library which is AWESOME and totally worth a trip. Walking from Battelle Park to the library though takes a very long time when three boys must take advantage of EVERY SINGLE REVOLVING DOOR along the way. Seriously! Who knew there were so many revolving doors in downtown Columbus?!

Taking COTA downtown and back was the most exciting adventure. On the way home, though, we only got as far as Graceland before I had to call Todd to come pick us up. We were a pitiful sight by then.

To Google Transit I say:
You still got bugs, baby.

To the snarky bus driver I say:
Had there not been a sleeping four year old in my arms, I would have snapped in a z formation at you, dude. Don't you mess with a Mama bear and her cubs!

To my husband I say:
I love you.

To my kids I say:
Isn't life an adventure?!

Waiting and waiting and waiting for the bus. (Google Transit, I'm looking your way...)
The Santa Maria
Chillin' in Battelle Park
The Big City ;)
Our man Chris (Columbus)
This statue was apparently a gift from the people of Genoa, Italy to the city of Columbus.


Tom Brown said...

Hey Emilia. Sorry that Google Transit didn't work out for you. Do you remember any specifics of where you were misguided, such as stop location, route or time?

Beth said...

You are a daring woman to ride the bus all around town like that with three kids. I know that all kinds of people do that all the time, but still, what an adventure!

Emilia said...

Tom. If you send me an email, I will happily provide you with further details of our many misadventures.

Tom Brown said...

Emilia, I can't find your address but can reach me at