Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Day "Off"

This is just a post about a day in the life of this mom.

On Friday my boys had off from school, but because my daughter's preschool follows a different calendar, she still had school.

I had 2 goals for the day.
1. Wash the pots and pans that have been waiting for me all week.
2. Sleep in until 8am.

I only accomplished one of those things. And it wasn't the dishes.

Here is what my day looked like. and I am writing it down just because right before I went out with my husband and friends that night I thought to myself, "I was busy all day, why don't I feel like I got anything done?"

8am- was woken up by 5 yr old who bounced all over me until I finally dragged myself out of bed.

8:30- ate distressingly healthy breakfast, read a little, warned kids it was almost time to start cleaning the house.

8:45- realized that the packages of gummy hearts we'd bought for Lilyanna had been mysteriously consumed by NOBODY. There had been 28, we were left with 15 and every boy in the house claimed to have only had one until they realized they were Lilyanna's valentines. Math is not my strongest subject, but even I know that doesn't add up.

9am-Lilyanna comes up with a plan B, and remembered that we had been given an unopened package of Winnie the Pooh Valentines by a neighbor.

9:15-Called Dr's office to beg for a new Rx for my son's medicine which is now distributed in a glass bottle and the day before was knocked onto the kitchen floor made of ceramic tile. $50 worth of medicine wasted. I didn't cry, but it was really sad.

9:30- Help middle school son rehearse for his audition for "The Sound of Music". Pulled out the guitar, relearned a few chords, and tried to teach him to play the guitar while singing Edelweiss. After a few minutes he decided that he would just do it without the guitar and I could accompany him. Then showed him the video of Capt. VonTrapp singing Edelweiss from the movie version. Ran through the song and worked on the character several times.

10am- Worked on writing/folding/stuffing envelopes/putting stickers on 30 Valentines.

10:30- folded laundry, reminded kids to stay focused to get their work done.

11:30-Entered into the Nielson Shopping program all the online purchases I'd made and received that week

12- ate lunch, read a chapter in my book

12:30-took Lilyanna to school

12:50- realized we forgot her Valentines at home.

1:15- went grocery shopping

2pm- got home, ran inside and helped high schooler register for classes for next year. Then checked grades and discussed how they're going to improve.

2:50- grabbed the Valentines and ran them down to preschool so my daughter could hand them out to her friends.

3:15-Headed home from preschool

3:35-Was about to hop in the shower, when I remembered that I still had to pick up the new Rx from the doctor. (they can't call in adhd meds).

3:45-Jumped in the car to run down to doctor's office with the 5 year old daughter in tow.

4:10-On the way back from the doctor, we got stuck in traffic due to an accident. 35 minutes to go 1.5 miles. Grrr.

4:45-Ran in the house to pick up high schooler who needed to go to play practice at the high school.

5pm-Ran back in the door after dropping him off and while running up to the shower called for the middle schooler to finally get the groceries out of my car.

5:30-finished getting dressed post-shower

5:35-went to Bellydance practice in the clothes I planned on wearing out to dinner

5:45-applied make-up while someone else was learning their part of the dance

6:20-drove home, finished putting groceries away, gave instructions re:pizza to kids.

6:45- left to go out on date and enjoyed a lovely evening.

My day was fine. I enjoyed having the kids around, and I was busy all day, but I never felt like I was getting anything done. Many of my days are like this where I feel like I'm just spinning my wheels. I'm a big proponent of accepting that this is what this time and season of my life looks like, but sometimes I feel frustrated that it takes me 3 days to get the darn pots and pans washed!

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