Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy Shrieking

Our family loves to play games.  We received 2 games from Todd's parents for Christmas.

The first was Story Cubes.

We played this one last night after dinner and had a fun time making up stories together.  What we did not expect was how much Lilyanna would enjoy this.  And she was GOOD at it.  She understood what to do almost immediately!  We were frankly surprised at what a good story teller she is and especially how well she incorporated the visual prompts from the cubes into her stories!

The second game was Suspend. 

 Again, we all enjoyed it, but didn't anticipate just how much Lilyanna would.  Here is a video of her and Todd playing earlier this evening.  (Warning: if you watch this, you'll want to turn the sound down!)

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Dee said...

Those look like really cool games. I need to check them out.