Saturday, November 9, 2013

The Master of Toast!

Today, some of us were able to go out to Dayton to listen to Todd compete. I don't honestly know what level of competition this was, except that he had to win 2 other competitions to get to this one.  He was one of 8 speakers in the humorous speech portion.  And after hearing them all, we knew there was only one woman who could possibly beat him.  He did come in 2nd place, but because the other woman was so good, he felt okay with it.  Our kids were the only kids there. In fact it seems that most people in Toastmasters don't bring their friends and family to cheer them on at these sorts of things.  The kids were well behaved and Lilyanna had to be physically restrained so as not to run up and jump on Todd every time he was back on the stage.  It was sweet to see them interacting together tonight.

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