Monday, October 7, 2013

The Huaca

Today the air finally feels crisp and fall-like!  I spent the weekend listening to General Conference, eating too much unhealthy food, and canning apple pie filling.

Today I'm trying to clean up the disaster that is my house after all of us did nothing but eat and watch General Conference for two days.

We all know that I can't be bothered to JUST clean. So I keep taking breaks and reading a chapter or two of  "The Huaca" by my friend Marcia Mickelson. This is Marcia's 4th published book and I'm really enjoying it so far.  Todd and Marcia went to high school together, and then she and I both had our first babies right around the same time. I love that despite having 3 boys and working, she has still written 4 novels. She's kind of my hero, and an all around fantastic person.

And now, I've got to hurry and finish my chapter, then finish cleaning the living room before my piano students get here!

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