Saturday, July 6, 2013

"Oh What Do You Do in the Summertime?"

The title is from a song in the Primary Children's Songbook.  It's all about going fishing, and swimming and other nature activities. And while we do enjoy those things, too, here's a glimpse at what else we've been doing:

We cleaned out the homeschool books, but Caleb wouldn't let me recycle these completely filled up work books until I agreed to take a picture of him with them so he could remember all the good times. (He seems to have forgotten all the screaming he did over those books...)

We eat lots of corn on the cob while it's fresh. Nathaniel styles it to look like famous people before eating it. This was Albert Cornstein.

We go see old movies at the BEST summer movie series EVER

We have friends over to play! Little girls even! Lilyanna is in heaven every time a little girl comes over!

We finally had our homeschool assessment and both boys passed on to the next grade!

We spend a lot of time reading, Nathaniel was very excited to finish the summer reading program first in the family!

We wear feather boas all year round of course, but this happened to be from this summer.

We act in/go to plays. Nathaniel and Caleb did drama camp and performed in a show at the end of it all. (That's Nathaniel as Dr. Watson in the middle.)

We go to summer reading programs at the library. Lilyanna is in amongst  all those princesses at the Princess Party Day at the library.

Benjamin and Nathaniel have been taking sewing classes this summer. Benjamin was not at all thrilled. Nathaniel LOVED it and has now signed up for cake decorating, too!

Many home improvement projects. We tore down our old deck and found a perfectly good (though dirty) patio beneath it.

Our annual visit with Chris Ian when the New York Gilbert and Sullivan Players were in town  for their performance of H.M.S. Pinafore. 

More plays! This one at the Columbus Arts Festival. Nathaniel and Caleb were Bagheera and Mowgli (respectively) in the Jungle Book.

We walked the ducks from the courtyard at the elementary school down to the river so they could move on with their lives.

And we have spent lots and lots of time at our wonderful  zoo and aquarium.  Incidentally, I love the above picture. It looks like the kids landed in an Alice in Wonderland themed acid trip, but I love it nonetheless.

Nathaniel with one of his beloved manatees. He eat, sleeps, reads, breaths manatees lately.

So, what do YOU do in the summertime??

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