Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Zombies are Not Sexy Monsters

I have a confession to make. I do not understand the current fascination with zombies. They're gross. There aren't any cool secret powers that come with being a zombie. You become mindless. And you look and smell bad.


I did enjoy Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, but mostly because I enjoy Pride and Prejudice and can appreciate a well written spoof.  I also like the iconic Jonathon Coulton song "Re: Your Brains", but again that's more because of the wink and the nod at corporate culture than anything else.

Every other zombie themed book I've tried to read, I've hated. I mention it because last week many of my friends were expressing excitement via facebook about the return of Walking Dead and I wondered if I should give it a try. I often agree with these people on other entertainment choices, so I thought perhaps I should give it a try.

That very night I had a long and awful nightmare featuring zombies. I woke up at 3am, drenched in sweat and with my heart racing.  This was just from thinking about watching a show about zombies.

This is one of many passing fads and fancies which I will happily skip.  The rest of you should carry on with your enjoyment of zombies. I'll sit this one out, thanks. 

Sparkly vampires are apparently much more my speed.


Donna said...

I don't get zombies either. I'll take sparkling vampires and magic any day over zombies!

Emilia said...

Thank you! I knew I couldn't be alone out there.

Abby Bowman said...

I'm also with you on this. We did try the first episode of Walking Dead and turned it off half way through. In fact, I would have been done after the first 5 minutes. No thank you.

Susan said...

Oh, I have a young man in my house who LOVES that show. It is now on the list of shows he is welcome to watch after I have gone to bed or am otherwise not there. It gives me nightmares, too.