Sunday, February 3, 2013

A Month of Winnowing

Jan 4- Gave away several boxes of Potatoes au Gratin and Instant Garlic Mashed Potatoes that I discovered hiding in our food storage. They have wheat in them, so are verboten in our house these days.

Jan 5- Gave away outlet covers and a size 6 boy's blazer.

Jan 6- Gave away gutter clips for hanging Christmas lights. Because we are never going to hang outdoor Christmas lights. Ever. I bought them on clearance in a fit of optimism years ago. Time to let go.

Jan 7- Verbally gave away a baby item for a friend who is having another little girl!  Will deliver to church next week when I see her.

Jan 8, 9, 10- Added more items to the sell/donate piles happening in the dining room right now which will be dealt with on Monday the 13th. (Going to Half Price Books, Once Upon a Child and then onto Goodwill if those places don't buy and Worthington Food Pantry)

Jan 11-Cleaned out the millions of toiletries from travel and offered them up on the neighborhood freecycle group.  Will donate to the Worthington Food Pantry whatever is leftover.

Jan 12- Gave away a diet help book that had been given to me. It's clear I'm not using it (I've used an entire quart of heavy cream in various recipes in the last 3 weeks).

Jan 23- Took 2 full boxes of clothes, shoes, and sundries to Goodwill.

Jan 24- Gave away a Thomas the Train VHS tape to the other person under 40 who still owns a VCR!

Jan 25- Gave away a few 18mos/2T girls clothes and shoes to a neighbor.

Jan 26- Gave away Cream of ------ Soup cans from food storage. Cream of ----- Soups have wheat in them. Blah.

Jan 27- Cleaned out some kitchen cabinets. Giving away a #3 cakepan since we're all done with three year olds and 33 in this house. Also some pastry thing with a name I don't know which is supposed to be great for whatever I bought it for that I haven't made in years and now don't even remember about. And a pot that is specifically for the microwave and saw many a package of ramen and mac & cheese back in the day.  Probably leaching all manner of chemicals into those already chemical filled college staples. Mmmm Ramen....

Jan 30- Gave away coupons and coupon holder

It feels really good to get rid of things that we are no longer using! I am definitely going to keep going for the month of February!

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