Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I remember one day my freshman year of college when I looked in my closet and realized that every dress in it had a story.  Several of them were my Mom's old dresses from when she first got married (flying squirrel dress, anyone?).  A few were dresses that she had made for me.  Others were hand me downs from friends or great finds at thrift stores.  A few had even been purchased new, but with significant amounts of poring over catalogs with my Mom and sisters first.

As I continued on through college, I gathered a new collection of dresses.  Diva dresses.  My voice teacher taught me that it was important to dress the part of the performance as well as sing the part.  Those dresses were all purchased with my dear friend, Mark, and sometimes others joined us on our shopping expeditions.  (I still have them all and will occasionally pull them out, put one on, and sing an aria or two with an art song thrown in for good measure.)  Each dress had a specific song or performance.  The maroon velvet will forever be the "Vivaldi dress".  The beaded black sleeveless will always be the "Mozart dress".  You get the idea.

The most recent dress acquisition was the "I have to go to a backyard party at my husband's boss's Scarsdale mansion where the pool house is bigger and nicer than my main floor AND I have to rub elbows with all the New York City corporate wives while making sure all my children behave!"  But I do love the dress now that the stress of the event is over.

Basically, I don't buy or wear dresses without a story behind them.

The dress I wore this Easter was a dress that my Mom and I made for me the summer of 1995. (Pretty much my involvement was sewing where my Mom told me to sew and standing still when she needed measurements.)  I was in working two jobs/70 hours a week in Wyoming that summer in between my freshman and sophomore years of college.  Mom was going through her fabric and pulled this one out.  I had been in love with this pretty yellow fabric since childhood because it was an exact match to a dress one of my dolls had.  (The doll's name was Mary because I received her as a Christmas present when I was 4? 5?)

I try to pick out dresses for Lilyanna that are something more than "just a pretty dress".  I don't like clothes just for the sake of clothes.  Instead I try to pick things for her that reflect her personality.  (And by not picking pink or princess, I reflect a little bit of mine as well.)  I loved her non-pastel-non-meringue dress for Easter this year.  She wore a navy blue dress with red cherries.  The red patent leather shoes were totally her, and she felt happy and comfortable in her dress all day.

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This is a very beautiful dress

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