Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Long John Run 2012

I made a goal last month of trying to run 36 miles before my 36th birthday.  To work towards that goal my friend Beth found the Long John race in Highbanks park.  Two miles in our long johns!  First of all, yea for races that are only 2 miles and secondly, I own tie dyed long johns!  Behold:
 My goal for running was very modest, because it meant I could just run between 1 and 3 miles no more than 6 days a week to achieve it.  (My birthday's Saturday and I still have 11.5 miles to go.)  Anyway, Benjamin and Nathaniel caught on to the idea of going out to jog and joined with me during my runs most evenings.  When I saw that the race was free for those 12 and under, I signed them up, too!

 Nathaniel is wearing my old pjs there, btw.  They are a terry cloth like material and have a little lace along the top of the zipper there.  And the elastic on the back flap doesn't have any elasticity anymore.  So, it's wide open.

 This is what happens when leaving Caleb alone in the car with the camera while the rest of us raced.  It was quite chilly that morning, so he opted for the warmth of the inside.

 Here are a few race shots taken by the officials:
 And here's the trap door that doesn't stay closed.  Nathaniel wore contrasting underwear on purpose to highlight the fact and won a $25 gift certificate for best long johns because of it!

 Hooray!  They finished ahead of me, too!

Beth sprained her ankle and wasn't able to join us, but we thought of her and how much she hates running anyway.  But I think even she would have enjoyed this one.  ;)

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Anne Marie said...

Oh, friend, you are definitely the funnest mom ever! Happy belated birthday to you!