Monday, December 12, 2011

Things I Miss

Several months ago Caleb and I stopped eating gluten.  Both of us have bad reactions to wheat.  Mine plays out in getting dishydrotic eczema all over my hands.  His makes him crazy hyper.  Neither one of these is a situation we would like to have, so we gave it up.

I cheated over Thanksgiving and was rewarded with painful blisters all over my hands that have just recently healed.  It's a powerful motivator for staying on a diet, let me tell you.

I'm not a huge bread person.  Regular bread does nothing for me, but a wonderful crusty baguette either with garlic butter or olive oil and salt?  Oh, that I miss!

When I couldn't eat any fat a few years ago because my gall bladder decided to quit working, my favorite go to comfort food was a big bowl of pasta with some of my delicious homemade tomato sauce.  I miss that a lot.  (Trust me, gf pasta just isn't the same.)

And this time of year when everyone is making their goodies and sharing with all, I miss brownies, chocolate chip cookies, pie, and chocolate covered pretzels.  (Thank goodness I can still eat chocolate!!)

I have very real and painful consequences if I eat any of these foods, but like most things forbidden, there are just times when I WANT!

I was thinking a few weeks ago how much easier it would be to "be good" if we suffered physical pains for cheating at other things.  Like if I broke out all over my face if I didn't read my scriptures every day.  Or if I got a canker sore each time I had an uncharitable thought about somebody else.  I'm glad it's not that way.  I certainly try to be Christ-like, but I often fail miserably.

And now I'm off to try to plan holiday meals without gluten.  Yippee. 


Linnea said...

So true. It also reminded me of the anti smoking ads that showed something graphic like, "If what happens on the inside of you when you smoke actually happened on the outside, would you still smoke."

The Johnsons said...

Just shared a FB common interest with you about allergy free recipes and such. Hope it helps and that you like it. :)