Friday, April 8, 2011

Tomorrow I will...

plant the peas and lettuce!!!  After I clean out the garden bed and add in the compost that's been brewing since last summer!

I will also make a stab at cleaning out the garage.  Because it's terrifying.

I can FEEL spring coming!  I'm all energized about doing projects and getting dirty and that's after a week of my kids being on spring break while my husband was on a business trip and my dishwasher being broken!

I'm ready to do a happy dance out in the sunshine tomorrow!!

Did I mention that we got a light box this winter for Light Therapy for all of us?  It helped.  It really did.  I could tell the biggest difference in Caleb if he used it in the morning.  But that light was NOTHING compared to the real honest to goodness SUN!!  Caleb and I are both bouncing off the walls full of energy and ready to GOOOOO!

What are your plans for Spring?


Jen said...

How will you ever get your garden ready without us?

Valerie said...

Hooray for gardening!

Emilia said...

Jen-we'd much rather have you helping, of course, but we'll muddle through somehow without you.

Val-have you ever come to the plant sale in Worthington? It's usually the Saturday of Mother's Day weekend and you can get all sorts of fun garden veggies and herbs at decent prices.