Tuesday, April 19, 2011

MS Sucks!

I saw that phrase on a T-shirt at the MS walk on Saturday.  I think it sums things up nicely.  First of all let me say a HUGE THANK YOU!! to everyone who donated to Team Smith for the MS walk this year.  We raised $791.00 thanks to the incredible generosity of our friends and family.

The walk itself was delightful, which is saying something considering I had broken? fractured? sprained? one of my pinkie toes the day before and my eyes were badly allergic to all of the lovely flowers and trees in bloom.

The walk was at the zoo before it opened which meant all of the animals weren't just out and awake, but frolicking!  We saw animals as we walked by that we have NEVER seen awake in all our years of going to the zoo!  The red panda actually does more than sleep.  Who knew?

We met back up with Todd, Lilyanna and Caleb a little earlier than the finish line because Caleb was being a pill.  We slowed our pace and finished all together.  Because there were so many people with MS participating in the race with various mobility abilities, we were able to also stop and ride the carousel before we finished and we still came in ahead of lots of people.  I'll have to remember that for future races.  I just need to find a bunch of people who have a difficult time walking and compete against them in a race if I want to win!  No?  Oh, well.  It seemed too easy.  Which is why they don't give out any placement awards or anything like that.  This is purely a walk designed for everyone who wants to participate and to raise money for support and research.

We will make this a regular part of our spring from now on.

Thanks again to everyone.  We really appreciate all of the incredible support, both financial and emotional you gave us.  <3


Happy n Healthy said...

Maybe April was 'break your pinkie toe' month. I managed to crack mine on April 1. Lovely.

Emilia said...

Sad, sad toes. let's skip our observance of this particular month next year.