Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Crazy Hard Diets

We Smiths are embarking on a huge elimination type diet next Monday, May 2.  Caleb's birthday is the day before and there was no way I was going to make him go without cake on his birthday.

This was first recommended to me last summer when I started seeing allergists with regards to my hands.  There was too much else going on at the time for me to even consider such a thing.  But since then, life has gotten a little easier and my hands aren't nearly as bad as they were then, but they still aren't better.  Also, a few other members of the family are suspect for some food sensitivities.

So, starting Monday we will be eliminating dairy, soy, all artificial flavors and colors, gluten, corn, eggs, sugar, citrus, yeast,  strawberries and peanuts.  Also, no red meat or pork.  The artificial stuff, beef and pork are very rarely present in our diet anyway, so that will be the least painful.  The most painful?  My guess is sugar.  It's in everything!

If anybody has any recipes they can recommend that doesn't have any of those things in it, I'd be grateful.  In the meantime, we'll be eating lots of chicken, rice, and veggies.

Right now, breakfast is the trickiest to think ahead about.  No eggs, gluten, or dairy eliminates a lot of traditional breakfast foods.  I do have some yummy smoothies that we will have, and maybe just some fried potatoes.

I hope this helps some or all of us.  When Todd and I first got married, we did a similar type of diet.  We felt great.  Todd was able to gain weight, I was able to lose weight, food tasted better in general.  But it's difficult to maintain.  The whole family is committed for at least a month.  Though it may take several more weeks to phase things back in.

Wish us luck or pray for us or whatever it is you do.  We'll take it!  ;)


Tricia said...

I saw a gluten-free vegan recipe book at the library. Try checking them out and see if there are any worth buying. And get the Blue Diamond almond milk (not the Silk). Silk is a little better for you, but the Blue Diamond one tastes wonderful. Good luck!

Emilia said...

we love almond milk. it turns out that the blue diamond unsweetened is the only one we can use on this diet. I like the silk for the dark chocolate almond milk. ;) I have a bunch of cookbooks, but it is pretty slim pickings out of any of them with that many restrictions. I will keep looking though. thanks!

Mom24 said...

Discovered this blog: http://silvanaskitchen.com/category/blog/. Not completely applicable, but it might help.

Anne Marie said...

Good luck, friend! That sounds really, really hard. I agree that orange should be pronounced the way you said...and I still find myself calling water "waawwter".

Carrie Nation said...

Go Persian. I can think of quite a few dishes that would qualify. And I made a fish curry the other day with light coconut milk instead of cream that would also fit your diet, I think. Sucks not to be able to eat bread with it, though. Anyway, I'm coming up with a lot of good Asian and Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean things you could be eating....Don't forget fish, shrimp, etc. Lots of bean dishes too.

Anne Marie said...

Friend, have you ever heard of a brand of broth called Kitchen Basics (it comes in chicken, beef, and vegetable)? It's way more expensive than any other brand but it is truly amazing. They sell it at all the grocery stores here including Target and Wal-Mart. The company guarantees there are no traces of common allergens like soy, gluten, etc. and none of that autolyzed yeast crap either. I combine it with a can of beans and some onion/garlic powder, and it makes a really good, easy soup. My allergist also told me at one of my visits that Culturelle (a probiotic) is the only one that's been clinically proven to help with food allergies...just one more thing to add to your idea list. Hope it goes well.

Emilia said...

thank you, ladies for all of the suggestions. it's going okay so far, though starting this right at the this particular time of the month for me has been slightly comical. It makes me realize how much I reach for sugar when my hormones are hopping. Currently dying for chocolate, but have resisted so far. ;)